We support the installation of facade elements, windows and doors in a project-related and professional manner – using a specially assembled team directly on site. Depending on the scope of the various projects, it consists of civil engineers and qualified specialists with different areas of expertise. The personnel of the installation department ensure the cross-project coordination of labour, material and equipment as well as the guarantee of direct contact persons. By virtue of our own installation teams, we are able to respond flexibly to changing conditions.

facade installation


  • Our installation teams: Versatile and internationally deployable


  • Our team formation: Project-related with comprehensive qualifications, for instance from the fields of civil engineering, steel construction, metal construction, structural engineering, glazing and welding


  • Our managers at the construction site: Site managers and foremen and forewomen come from our own ranks

Efficient installation planning

Installation concepts optimise the installation time and site logistics. This offers considerable savings potential. Our installation teams are therefore involved from the start of the project in order to identify potential problems during the planning phase, to find the most efficient and safest installation procedure and to ensure a smooth process.

Construction logistics

Well thought-out construction logistics are required for the facade installation. It ensures that elements weighing several tonnes reach the installation site on the agreed date. Whether it’s the organisation of special transports on public roads or the coordination of installation equipment and machines: Our installation team realises the availability of all necessary machinery and equipment and transports them to the destination on time. Obviously, this also includes coordination with other trades and the preparation of installation instructions and logistics concepts.

Ensuring safety

When working at great heights, the safety of the installation teams as well as people in the immediate vicinity must be guaranteed at all times and closely coordinated with occupational safety specialists as well as safety and health coordinators on the construction site. Our integral safety management ensures that safety systems, personal safety equipment and other equipment are always maintained at the highest level. The concept comprises recurring training and instruction courses, continuous self-monitoring by safety experts and inspections by external safety inspectors.

Our machinery for customised solutions

Our installation teams find customised solutions for every type of facade construction and installation process. Among other things, customised special machines and transport racks are available for the installation of the elements. In the case of special facade constructions and other special constructions, we find project-related solutions for our own equipment, if required, with which we respond to the special conditions.


Facade installation: Equipment

Manipulator: Robot-assisted element installation from the inside to the outside using multi-axis movable grippers, it is used in skyscrapers among other things.

Spider-Crane: With the help of its spider-like arms, it stands firmly on the ground even on uneven terrain. This also secures the glass element during installation.

Vacuum suction cups: Glass elements and panels are lifted with powerful suction cups and transported to the place of use.

Monorail system: Lifting devices for the element installation are moved on a rail along the side of the building.

Individually adapted lifting beams / lifting gear