German Sport University Köln


The German Sport University Köln is the only university for sports in Germany. The new building will have scientific laboratories and medical laboratories. The entire new building will be focused on natural science and health science and is part of the teaching and research concept of the university.


4.500 m²  metal façade
2.500 m²  external blind system
2.000 m²  curtain walling, aluminium
   600 m²  curtain walling, aluminium RC2
   200 m²  curtain walling, steel

Campus Chamber of Handicrafts (HWK) Bielefeld


The purpose of the new educational center of the Chamber of Crafts is to establish a modern competence center for “Technical Facility Management” (energy and building technology) and to incorporate the administration of the Chamber of Crafts all in one building. The relocation into the new educational and administrational center is planned for autumn 2015.


2.500 m²  curtain walling, aluminium
1.000 m²  metal facade
1.000 m²  external blind system

BASF Ludwigshafen / Laboratory building


In response of the increased national and international regulations a new laboratory building will be erected on BASF site. The new laboratory on 4.300 square meters will host scientists of several disciplines work under the same roof. Another goal is to ensure best condition for material physicists and several specialist scientists as polymer scientists or additive scientists for an even closer collaboration.


4.500 m²   glassfibre-concrete  facade
2.000 m²   curtain walling, aluminium
2.000 m²   glare protection
1.200 m²   high-performance UV protection CTB
     8,5 t      steel construction