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Radeburger Fensterbau in facts and figures.

Founding of the company:

operating performance:


manufacturing area:

25-30 Mio. Euro/year


12.000 sqm
Radeburger Fensterbau GmbH
Weinböhlaer Straße 5
01471 Radeburg OT Bärwalde

Tel +49 (0)35208 84 -30
Fax +49 (0)35208 84 -360


Since its foundation, Radeburger Fensterbau has developed into a high-performing manufacturer of facades.

With modern engineering design and modern production technologies, well engineered solutions are being produced for the erection of architecturally and structurally sophisticated facades.

To Designers, Architects and Building owners, RF offers a comprehensive knowledge of engineering for the implementation of visions during phases of planning, construction and execution of installation.

A facade is not just the signature part of a building, but also has to provide (in an environmentally responsible manner) a comfortable indoor climate at any day or night time. We at RF have developed design solutions that aesthetically and technologically fulfill those exceptional demands of a modern façade.

Our production capabilities include solar-facades, structural glazing, fire and acoustic constructions, steel and aluminium sheet panel facades as well as natural stone panel facades.